Moving to the United States: Causes and Effects


Leaving ones country is always a strenuous decision one is forced to make especially when it is a long time one. This is especially so when one is leaving a peaceful and stable nation to seek greener pastures. On the other hand it can also be an exciting endeavor. I left my country for the United States of America for various reasons that I now feel were sufficient to warrant my departure to a foreign nation. These reasons include:

  • Seeking better education opportunities
  • Exploring the country
  • Meeting different cultures
  • Ensuring a better life back home

It is no secret that the United States is not only the most popular nation (in many aspects) in the world but also the only superpower. This status quo comes with numerous privileges and opportunities denoted by a popular term ‘the American dream’. Despite this, leaving my country for the United States was one of the hardest decisions I have made in my life.

Education opportunities

The main motivating factor for my departure from my country to the United States was education. The United States has numerous opportunities in the education sector. It is home to some of the most accredited learning institutions and research centers in the world such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale. Learning institutions in the United States have produced some of the most prominent scholars and personalities.

The United States is a rich hub for education and has produced influential figures in abundant fields whose impact in the world is unrivalled. The country provides quality and varied educational opportunities in almost all learning fields one might think of ranging from geology, ancient history to advanced computer science. The United States also offers me a wonderful opportunity to learn the language considered to be the standard and most popular in the world; English. These factors inspired me to move to the States to further my education and take advantage of these opportunities.

A new world

Exploring is always an exciting endeavor for me. The United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Actually the country is considered to be an immigrant nation since the only indigenous people found in the United States are the Indians. Caucasians are the majority race in the United States but they are numerous other races in this great nation. Among the races and ethnic groups found in the United States include Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, and Asians. Blacks are the second largest group in the United States with the Hispanics ranking third. The amount of tolerance to different cultures and races in the United States is incredible.

Though nation has had its fair share of race challenges historically, it has developed to admirable levels today. The country has transformed and today it is proud to have an African American head of state. I was also interested to come to the United States to see this magnificent nation and its people. Hearing about all the popular sites and events such as the Lincoln Square and the super bowl and watching them on the television makes one want to see them. Getting a chance to explore this great nation inspired me a lot to move to the United States.

A better life back home

Learning in the United States provides one with enormous exposure in wide ranging fields in the modern world. My education is of course the first valuable experience and qualification that will guarantee a better life back in my home country. My qualifications in the field of computer science will be a useful key to wonderful opportunities when I go back to my home country. This will guarantee me a good job in my field and better wages too.

Education in computer science from the United States will be a sought after qualification in any part of the world. Getting my education in the United States also exposes me to many business ideas that I can transfer to my home country and become a successful businessman.


Many people around the world will be more than delighted to have a chance to visit, learn and even live in the United States. It is a wonderful country with great opportunities even amidst these turbulent times of the global financial crisis. The United States receives all its legal guests with open hands. It is relatively easy to assimilate in the American society once you set your mind to it.

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