Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Business

Motivation is regarded as a way of creating a high enthusiasm level in attaining the goals and objectives of the organization. This situation is accompanied by satisfying some of the needs and wants of some individuals. From the various theories of motivations that have been stated, Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which was developed in 1943, is among the best theories as it is known to follow the assumption that the most basic needs of an individual are supposed to be met before thinking about motivating them to attain the higher-level needs. The hierarchy portrayed in this theory comprises five levels: psychological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization needs. In my view, this theory is valuable considering that it tends to cater to the needs of a basic human being before expecting them to be fully productive in their place of work. This theory tends to bring out the good quality attributes who cares for his employees and subordinates such that the hierarchical needs of each team member in the workplace range from low to high. Therefore, once the needs of the lower hierarchy are fulfilled, the needs of a higher hierarchy tend to emerge.

Leadership and organizational effectiveness tend to go hand in hand in an organization, and the effectiveness and performance of an employee depend on the type of leader present. In the case of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy theory of needs, leaders utilizing it tend to be understanding and caring such that they appreciate their employees enough to consider their personal needs. Different companies use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to positively motivate their employees and consumers of their products. For instance, Cocacola company is known to consider the love and belonging needs of their customers and employees.

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