Marketing Yourself in the Labor Market

This paper mainly focuses on branding me to get position in target market. It is not an easy task to establish a very good position in the target market. For this, I need to have the required knowledge and awareness on current marketing situation and latest trends in market to make presence in target market. My aim is to research the labour market and current employment trends in labour market. This is to analyse overall structure of the marketing condition. This is very important before throwing my presence in to the market. If any mistakes happen in between, then it will be difficult to turn back and it will affect my career. Once everything is clearly understood or every concept is clear, I will gain certain confidence so that there is no problem in throwing myself in to the market.

An overview of current labour market and employment trends

Analysing of labour markets is very much important before entering in to the market. The market I am looking is the one which provides growth facility. “Labour markets work best when there is an institutional environment that allows adjustment flexibility for firms while ensuring income, social and employability protection for workers.” (Economic and labour market analysis department (EMP/ ELM) 2009). A clear-cut understanding of labour market and what’s all happening inside labour market is very important before positioning me in the market. Currently many organisations are putting efforts to protect employment rights and social protection to all employees working in the organizations. This is one of the important factors I will look before positioning myself. Presently, majority of the organizations are working in a stable environment. If an organisation works in an unstable environment, then it will be very difficult for employees to have growth in that organisation. Such organisation must have productivity and if it does not have productivity, then it will affect the employees working there. So, before positioning me in to the market, it is very important to be aware about such things. Job stability is another important feature one needs to make sure while entering into the market. Information about the labour market provides rich insights about the market condition. “Labour market information helps individuals determine which occupations suit their aptitudes and interests, where the jobs are, and which occupations have the best prospects.” (Labour market information 2009). Recession had put markets condition down and it is not yet recovered properly or fully. All these will affect me while going into the market for positioning myself in the market.

The current trends in the market are very competitive as there are lots of people currently trying to put themselves to get very good position in the market for having career growth. “There is a link between economic growth and employment trends.” (Wohlers & Weinert 1988, p.55). Both these are interrelated. Performance of the employees is always reflected in growth of the economy. That is, growth structure always got significant sway on employment. Flexibility of labour market plays another important role in providing efficiency. So, it is very necessary to work in dedication to fulfil the needs of the organisation. It is very important to make sure that I won’t be a burden for the organisation. So, it is very much important to work according to what market needs or demands and also by following organization’s strategy and requirements.

Understanding of target marketing theory

A clear understanding about marketing theory is very much needed. It is because, only then I can analyse where I put my position in the market and how to adapt with the situation in order to capture the attraction of the hiring people. Marketing theory is made up of different sets of activities. I am looking to make a good position in the market by measuring how much knowledge I have about marketing theory. This is one of the sets of marketing activity. Show my potential to invite the customer’s attraction towards me and my product. Make motivation on customer to buy the product is another set of marketing activity. I have built these potential in me and I am well aware about strategies and tactics to be adopted. I know very clearly how to define the product I am going to sell, similarly how to promote the product, that is, what are the different ways to promote the product, how distribution of product can be done and how to maintain a good relationship with customer. Another important fixation about marketing theory is “Marketing theory is made up of the 4 P’s Product, Positioning, Place and Promotion.” (Media studies- introduction to marketing n.d., p.1).

There are some more P’s but these are very important and I have got good knowledge about these. Product is a thing that I am offering to customer. My aim is to make customer well aware about the product I am going to sell. So it is very important to describe the product in a way that customer gets attracted towards the product. Positioning is another important issue in case of marketing. That is, how one can stable the position in the market when many competitors are present.

A good positioning strategy requires good innovative and unusual measures. This is very much needed to make effect in the market. The different measures which I should apply for positional strategy are giving explanation of product attributes, its benefit, usage condition or occasion, identifying target people and comparison of product with other available products in the market. Another important issue I should keep in mind is segmentation. That means what kind of marketing this product requires whether to cover whole market. Another marketing feature is targeting several markets and giving detached offers for each. Another important aspect I will adopt to sell my product is to have a proper distribution channel to ensure availability of product in all parts. Channels can be in retail, in person, in-home etc. Last issue and important one is promotion. This is to attract target market by adopting different ways by advertising etc. These are the knowledge I have about the theory of marketing and its application and I am very confidant that I can “display both hard and soft skills” during my work. (Junor 2009).

My personal brands in meeting employers

“All through the private sector is different from the public sector.” (Private sector 2009). I am interested in working in public sector rather than private sector. It is because even though private sector offers more career growth there won’t be any job security. “Security of employment is a vital matter to employees.” (Bourn 1980, p.1). I am aiming to become a brand or product manager in a public company. I know all the strategies to become a brand manager. I am very much confident that I can come up with flying colours and can work according to company’s expectations. To be successful, detailed market research is very important. Complete information about organisation is very important; only then strategies can be applied. I know value of marketing and how it can be applied according to the situation or what company demands. A very good plan is there in my mind and I am very clear how to act according to situation and how to transform my plan into action. I am very well aware that if I am not successful, I need to change the plan.


“In today’s job-hunting environment, the most successful job seekers are those who understand the value of marketing and apply to themselves those principles that companies have used for years to successfully sell their products.”

(Hansen n.d.). Analysing of target market will vary according to the awareness one has about market. To become a brand or product manager in public company, one needs to have knowledge on current market and marketing theory.


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