Marketing Strategy: Principles of Marketing


Marketing and promotion are very crucial components in organizations as it enables them to sell their products to the right set of consumers. In addition, the components help organizations inform their target consumers on the products available so that consumers can purchase them. Organizations go through several stages after their inception, which include exploration, introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Extensive marketing is usually necessary during the exploration stage when the product is still new, maturity stage to improve stagnating sales, and decline stage to salvage the declining product. Effective marketing and product promotion requires a good selection of media, which facilitates easy outreach to the target clients at the right place and time. It is within this context that the essay assesses the media strategy useful for UP&GO breakfast product.

Product Promotion and Marketing

UP&GO Company that manufactures and sells products consumed at breakfast, especially by individuals, who have busy working schedules. Recently, the product witnessed declining sales as the majority of its potential consumers shifted to other companies, which provide similar products or substitutes (Shurtleff 2012). Moreover, the increasing cost of product prices associated with inflation and recession compounded the reduced sales of the product. As a result, a good marketing and promotion strategy is vital to improve product sales and persuade potential consumers to purchase the product. For effective marketing, UP&GO Company needs to identify the appropriate media that can successfully reach the target consumers with the intended message concerning the product. It is imperative to understand that a good marketing strategy informs potential clients and persuades them to consume a given product.

When choosing a medium for marketing is it important to understand the behaviour of the potential consumers. An understanding of consumer behaviours is important since it helps the organization choose the correct medium of marketing and the appropriate time to market the product. For instance, majority of UP&GO clients are individuals, who have busy schedules. Therefore, the company can market the product during morning hours and in the evening when the individuals are relaxing after a busy day. According to Ferrell and Hartline (2012), Televisions, radios, and newspapers are media that the company can employ in marketing and promoting the product. Televisions are relevant for potential clients watch them in the evening before retiring to bed. In addition, people listen to radios when travelling to work or school. Furthermore, E-marketing, which involves the use of the Internet is very important as the target population access social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube frequently.

Posting an advert of the product in a newspaper is very crucial for potential clients usually read them in an attempt to improve their awareness on current affairs. Therefore, it is important to select the right medium that promotes consumption of the product and increases its sales (Kotler 2001). The advantages associated with the use of television in product marketing include its efficiency to reach out to a wide spectrum of consumers, high levels of intrusion, easy segmentation using cables, and good frequency potential. The demerits include skipping or channel surfing during advertisement, clutter, which results in low recall, short amount of copy, and high costs of advertisement. Conversely, the amount of disadvantages associated with the use of television outweighs the demerits and as a result, the organization cannot underscore its use in marketing and promoting the product.

Radios have advantages, which include high levels of outreach, high recall rates, and convenience because people can listen to it anywhere. Additionally, use of radios in product advertising is crucial as it facilitates flexibility, and good market segmentation (Kotler 2001). Little attention, duplication, short exposure time as well as difficult to reach a wide spectrum of audience is among the demerits of using radios in product marketing and promotion. Notably, the advantages related to the use of radio are far much better than the demerits. On the other hand, the disadvantages associated with newspapers include little attention and little exposure. Easy access to information, the potentiality of market segmentation, and easy availability are some of the advantages linked to the use of newspapers. In essence, the merits of newspapers in advertisement and promotion of the product outsmart the demerits, and hence, the use of newspapers is vital.


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