Marketing Mix: Defense Nasal Screen

Brief introduction of a marketing mix

The marketing mix is all about creating a product that customers want, taking that product to a place where customers can obtain it, and pricing it accordingly. The product should be well priced and at the right place, whenever customers feel like buying. Marketing mix involves the description of the various activities that an organization has to undertake to present a product or a service to the market (Trotman, 2008). Any new or existing company should always come up with the best marketing mix that suits their product/services, as well as their customers. The major target of a marketing mix is the customer. This essay will focus on the components of the marketing mix such as the place, product, pricing, and promotion. The four ps entail a lot to constitute a complete process.


The issue here is an already existing product called the first defense nasal screen. This product is described as a smart solution to users’ health. The first defense nasal screen is said to be 995 effective on most of the air board allergen. This product is not as obstructive as a dust mask, which was used by people in the past. They are made in an attractive way to suit the desires of the customers. For a first-time user, it would be easy for him or her to use this product. The only challenge that is faced by the users is when one has a runny nose, which may make them lose their stick (Wenderoth, 2009). The product is made simply, hence not much complication when handling or using it. It is the wish of the company to continue modifying the features of the product, to keep it fit for the users. Most of the intended users of the product are anyone likely to inhale pollen, germs, bacteria, dust, and air pollution among other allergens. Military people and physicians find the product useful to their daily activities.


Pricing is the act of setting the right value for the product. The main idea is to venture into a new market in Iran for the first defense nasal screen. For the company and the new product to gain market share in Iran, it would be better to practice penetration pricing. This price would be set temporarily to enable easier acquisition of market share. In the beginning, the product would be priced low, until the target of a certain market share is achieved. After successfully expanding the market share, the price of the product would be increased relatively (Hoopes, 2005). The major reason for choosing this type of pricing would be to attract as many customers as possible to the company. Once they test the product and feel that it is of quality, it would be hard for them to shift to another product, even after increasing the price. The rate at which the price would be increased would depend on the economic status of the country, to avoid pricing too high or too low. The financial potential of the customers would also be a crucial factor to be considered while putting the right price for the product.


Placing a product involves transporting, storing, and distributing from manufacturer to the final user. Globally, companies are striving to embrace the new, advanced technology in all their operations. The best pacing in terms of distribution would be to use non-store retailers (Hoopes, 2005). These retailers would be supposed to liaise with customers and present products for sale over the Internet. Online retail sales are increasingly used globally. The use of Internet retailing is gradually replacing the use of stores in the current business world. The market for first defense nasal screens is a diverse one, and it would be successfully served through the Internet. However, for those places that would be realized to have a concentrated market, store channels would be established, where customers would be purchasing the products.


Promotion and communication are another crucial part of the marketing mix. This involves coming up with creative strategies that would market the product well in the market. In most popular media channels, in Iran, adverts of the products would be placed to create and increase awareness of the product to the public (Hoopes, 2005). Although it is an already existing product in the market, increasing awareness to the customers would be necessary. Salespeople, who will be communicating with the target customers all over, would also support this. Various methods of reaching customers would be incorporated such as creating product websites, online advertisements, telephone communications, and most importantly face-to-face promotions.

Extensive promotion activities would be launched to ensure the target customers get the required information concerning the product. Magazines and journals demonstrating how to use the product, and how effective it is would also be distributed to customers (Weznger, 2007). These magazines and journals should also contain testimonies of those people who have already used the product, and their comments concerning the same. Customers would also be given some opportunities to represent their grievances concerning the product, as a way of making them comfortable when using the product.


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