Marijuana Legalization for Recreational Use

Recently, the issue of marijuana addiction and the spread of this substance have drawn much attention from specialists and the general public. The problem is that there are different opinions about whether the use of marijuana should be illegal, or if it can be legally used for specific purposes. Some people believe that cannabis should be legalized for recreational use, while others emphasize the possible drug-related health deterioration. The issue is controversial and causes much debate, as it is possible to consider the problem from different perspectives.

Since the drug first started to be used, marijuana has been widespread in medicine, where it served for curing diseases. It is proven that if taken in small and carefully controlled doses, it can have a positive effect on a person’s physical and psychological state and serve for tension release. Moreover, marijuana is an essential element of some countries’ culture: for example, smoking marijuana in Jamaica is considered an important ritual process. Therefore, one of the widespread opinions is that recreational marijuana use does not have many negative effects, and consequently, should be legalized.

Today, governments are highly concerned about their drug-related legislation. In some countries and their separate regions, for example, in Jamaica and some states of America, cannabis is partly legalized or is totally legal. Some people consider that the recreational legalization of marijuana would reduce the total number of arrests and criminal records. Moreover, they state that such measures would allow the police forces to pay more attention to more serious crimes like murders.

However, the attitude towards the dangers of marijuana overuse has significantly changed today, and many people fail to understand that this light drug can still lead to serious and even lethal consequences. The drug affects the nervous system of a person: it may slow up body movement and negatively influence brain activity. In most severe cases, uncontrolled use of marijuana, together with other, more dangerous and addiction-causing substances, can lead to severe dependence. Overdose of the drug causes frequent psychotic episodes and the deterioration of the overall psychological state of a person. As a result, all possible positive effects of the drug may be averted by its incorrect use. Therefore, in the legislation of many countries, the use of marijuana is only prescribed and carefully controlled by medical specialists.

Legalization of marijuana for recreational use can negatively influence the health of people of all ages; however, the young seem to be more affected by the issue. The problem is that many teenagers and young adults today are not aware of the possible negative consequences of marijuana overuse. There are not many programs that would educate young people about drug-related issues. Therefore, legal recreational use of the drug would lead to an increased interest among this vulnerable group of people.

To sum up, the issue of marijuana legalization, namely making its recreational use legal, has been a vital problem since the spread of the drug has significantly increased. All things discussed, it is impossible to deny that the substance does have positive effects; however, it still should not be legalized. Possible drug addiction and overall health deterioration, like slowing body movements and brain activity, are only some of the problems that can be caused by uncontrolled marijuana use. Therefore, governments should be as concerned as possible about their marijuana-related legislation.

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