Local Health Care Delivery System


Hamilton County Public Health embraces the best practices in order to deliver adequate health services to the targeted population. The department focuses on different issues such as epidemiology, emergency response, health promotion, and nursing education (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016). This discussion describes the major issues associated with this local health department.

  • Name of the Health Department: Hamilton County Public Health
  • Location: 250 William Howard Taft, 2nd Floor
  • Address: Cincinnati, OH 45219
  • Phone Number: 513.946.7800

The mission of the Health Department

The mission of the Hamilton County Public Health is “to educate, serve, and protect the community for a healthier future” (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016, para. 2). The department’s vision is to create healthy lives, communities, and choices (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016).

Brief History of the Health Department

In 1919, the state of Ohio passed the famous “Hughes Law and the Griswold Act” (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016, para. 6). The purpose of these laws was to create new opportunities in every community across the state. The passage of the Hughes Law led to the creation of the first model for public health. Local regions were organized in order to create new health districts. Doctor Aleshire Neal became the first health commissioner in 1920. The department has every since focused on various issues such as sanitation, communicable diseases, and school inspections (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016). Hamilton County Public Health currently offers quality health support to over 475,000 citizens.

Name and Credentials of the Health Commissioner

Tim Ingram has been the county’s health commissioner since 1993 (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016). Ingram is a member of various boards and organizations such as the Mercy Health Partners Southwest Ohio Board of Trustees (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016). He has a Master’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016). He is also a member of APHA, NACCHO, and NEHA.

Services Provided by the Health Department

This department offers a wide range of health services to the targeted population such as nursing, epidemiology, disease prevention, health promotion, and emergency preparedness. The department also offers environmental health, waste management, and water quality services (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016).

Role of Public Health Nurses in Community Health

Public health nurses have numerous roles in community health. For instance, they can evaluate various health trends and identify the major risk factors (Kulbok, Thatcher, Park, & Meszaros, 2012). They can also collaborate with community members in order to develop the best health promotion plans. They should also educate the public about the best health activities and practices. They also evaluate the effectiveness of various health services. Public health nurses can also provide quality care and health education to the community. They also support the needs of high-risk and vulnerable groups (The Health Care System lecture notes, April 11, 2016).

Hamilton County Public Health: Emergency Planning

Emergency planning is managed by the Department of Community Health Services. The department monitors various disasters thus presenting appropriate emergency responses. Community members are equipped with the best ideas and resources in order to achieve the best results. The department uses powerful emergency plans to protect the community from various disasters and environmental hazards (Hamilton County Public Health, 2016).

Conclusion: Missing Health Services

In conclusion, Hamilton County Public Health has managed to monitor and address most of the health issues affecting the community. However, the department should offer extra services to deal with homelessness and drug use (Kulbok et al., 2012). As well, psychological services can be introduced in an attempt to deal with depression and suicide in the county.

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