Kitchen Fashionable Furniture Company Analysis

Hi, Sharks! My name is…I am a founder of Kitchen Fashionable Furniture. I am presenting my company to you seeking an investment to create the basis for the evolution of this business venture and attain success. Kitchen Fashionable Furniture (KFF) is a company that is focused on selling kitchen furniture, accessories, and other staff produced by fashionable brands to customers. It is a new company, and it is focused on the satisfaction of its main customers needs for the high-quality and fashionable furniture and staff that will be able to meet their demands. Kitchen Fashionable Furniture – high-quality, creative, unique, and attractive kitchens and equipment to your house. Our slogan is “Good kitchen is a key to tasty life.” For people who are interested in the latest tendencies in fashion, Kitchen Fashionable Furniture is the most valuable supplier among all companies that offer furniture because it is focused on the provision of high quality, functional, and stylish equipment to make their kitchens more attractive. KFF offers the products of the most appreciated brands that are recognized all over the world. The company appeals to different groups of customers, starting with housewives who know much about kitchen goods and accessories and ending with men who just want to make their dwelling look attractive.

At the moment we have 7 stores in New York and open new ones in other populated cities. However, considering the great level of rivalry, a significant increase in the number of stores where customers could buy its products is needed. For this reason, we need your financial support to guarantee broad coverage. In case it is obtained, 5 new stores should be opened annually in the most attractive regions to create the basis for the companys evolution and the international market entry. Additionally, a franchise could be created.

To achieve a significant competitive advantage, we are focused on the provision of only fashionable kitchen furniture. In other words, we monitor the latest tendencies in the given sphere, and the most popular TV cooking shows to find what brands will become popular with the audience and offer them to customers. The combination of the high-quality and popular image guarantees a stable level of interest and income.

As against other companies, KFF tends to offer high-grade products coupled with affordable prices. This approach has several evident advantages. First, the target audience becomes much broader. Second, satisfied customers are ready to use the companys services again. Third, it contributes to the acquisition of a significant advantage needed to guarantee a stable level of income.

KFF still tries to set an affordable price as it will attract potential buyers belonging to the middle and privileged class. For this reason, the company also offers two different groups of products that differ in price to satisfy the diverse needs of its target audience.

Thus, the company does not have a plant that manufactures various pieces of furniture. However, it cooperates with other brands to buy fashionable kitchen equipment and deliver it to customers. We also provide an opportunity to order furniture using our website. In case a product is ordered via the Internet, a customer is guaranteed its delivery in the shortest terms. KFF uses the services of the most popular corporate carriers like FedEx and others. This pattern guarantees fast delivery of all goods and contributes to the increased level of customers satisfaction.

We also explore media tools like Facebook and Twitter to promote KFF. Additionally, our website provides all information related to the companys functioning starting with its foundation and ending with the peculiarities of goods delivery.

Altogether, KFF could be determined as a promising company characterized by numerous opportunities for its further rise. Its branding, pricing, and distribution strategy are organized in a way that satisfies the companys current needs and guarantees its great popularity with customers.

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