Integrated Strategic Communications in Business

Integrated strategic communications are one of the most significant parts of any business. Therefore, it is important to understand its concepts. According to Sergy (2017), integrated strategic communications can be defined as the transmission of information that aims to drive forward an organization’s goals, purpose, and functions. This statement explains the concept of communication with the audience via various sources such as computers, mail, cellphones, or social media to achieve certain goals of an organization. However, this term can be considered as the synonym for integrated marketing communications (IMC) as well. In this case, Davies (2018) states that the term “integrated strategic communications” can be understood as developing and delivering coordinated messages that aim to produce the desired effect on the target audience. This statement has a broader meaning than the first one and explains those communications as combining various sources such as PR, advertising, package, and sales promotion.

Both definitions relate to the marketing understanding of integrated strategic communications. However, integrated strategic communications mostly focus on implementing a range of marketing communications, including mass media such as TV, radio, journals, and newspapers. Other related marketing sources such as sales promotion, direct marketing, or PR can also be utilized. Additionally, Crain (2019) claims that today web advertising is saturated with commercial messaging, and modern technologies will broaden digital advertising capabilities. The thing that unites all the definitions of integrated strategic communications is the aspect that all the forms of interactions between the company and the target audience are performed via various communication channels. The most important goal of IMC is the creation of the organization’s positive image among the target audience, the acquaintance with the company’s aim, products, or services.

Although the two given definitions of integrated strategic communications have much in common, they have a core point that differs them. The first statement provides more general information about the interaction. Basically, it could be any form of communication between the company and the customer via any possible channel. However, the second statement is more specific and marketing-related as it gives detailed information about all types of interactions that can be implemented to achieve a certain goal. The term “integrated strategic communications” is one of the most important concepts in my major as it gives a complete understanding of the sources of correlation between the company and the customer. It is significant the understand the ways to influence the target audience and the examination of people’s interests in order to advertise a new product or brand according to the modern trends.

From my point of view, integrated strategic communications surround people even in their daily routine as various goods, services, and the following advertisement are provided to the audience daily. I like eating chocolate. Therefore, even this product can be an example of communication between the customer and the company. The package of a product usually includes the producer’s logo, name, and color spectrum to provide the buyer with the needed info, such as the taste, ingredients, or period of validity. Some more knowledgeable customers can even get some data from the label. It is also a way of company’s presentation on the market, the creation of brand’s image and popularity. Hence, this is the example of the second definition, which involves more marketing concepts in comparison with the first one. Sometimes I read the news concerning popular companies on their official websites, which can be considered direct communication and provides an example for the first definition.


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