Importance of Selecting Appropriate Programs for Learners at Different Levels

Curriculum Alignment

Curriculum in a formal perspective entails a plan defining all learning activities to be exercised for the optimal realization of set objectives and goals of an educational program or system. These activities involve learning methods, teaching methods, content to be covered, evaluation and assessment methods to be used at different levels of learning. Curriculum alignment is the systematic development of a curriculum, through defining and selecting suitable content, developing it, and evaluating its success in meeting the set goals and objectives, for learners at various levels of learning (Wojtczak, 2002).

In every learning environment, learners need to be supplied with relevant appropriate learning materials, if success is to be achieved effectively and efficiently. Curriculum developers and programmers should therefore select programs suitable for different sequential learning stages, in which learners go through.

Importance of Selecting Appropriate Programs for Learners at Different Levels

Instructional level

In any learning situation, the instructional level is considered the most important level in learning. Ta this level the instructor (basically a teacher) is the key player. A teacher at this level is required to discover various activities as well as suitable content which arouse the learner’s motivation to participate in the learning activities. An instructor, who chooses appropriate and suitable learning content for students, finds it easy to administer the students, as they will be stimulated and motivated to learn. These will help students understand concepts without difficulties (Rusbult, n.d).

Development level

At this level, appropriate learning programs and content should be aimed at developing learners’ knowledge, skills, and values. If appropriate programs are selected, students will be able to develop his or her cognitive abilities, psychomotor abilities as well as gaining positive values required in a positive relationship with other people. These will in turn make learning smooth, and the result will be the realization of the overall aims of the learning system will be highly enhanced.


Disabilities in learning are usually characterized by various aspects demonstrated by learners. Among them are mental disabilities such as slowed or retardation mental capacity, physical impairment in sight, hearing among others. Curriculum developers must consider the students with various disabilities while selecting learning programs for students. The learning content should be suitable for different learners with varying disabilities. Providing the appropriate content for specific learners with a specific disability will help in classroom administration as well as enhancing learner’s understanding of concepts. Another importance is that the group with learning disabilities will not be disadvantaged as it is likely to be when they are grouped and taught the same content in the same setting as the ‘normal students’.

Reading levels

At these levels, learners are left to exercise their learning activities usually with minimal supervision from instructors. Therefore the instructor should select the most appropriate content, for the learners to read on their own. Such content should be a continuation of what has already been learned previously. If suitable content is selected for these levels, the objectives set will be achieved successfully.

Curriculum goals

Curriculum goals and aims are usually evaluated at the end of the learning system. The goals of a system will be realized successfully if the learners are provided with the relevant and appropriate learning programs all through. The importance of selecting appropriate learning content is mainly to produce successful graduates as well as a successful learning system.

It is of great importance for any given curriculum to be aligned in such a manner that prescribes the content to be administered to learners, at different levels of learning. Revision of curriculum should be done often to provide learners with the most suitable educational content.


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