Importance of Mask Wearing During COVID-19


By researching and writing essays, I learned how to find, read and study scientific research and articles. I need this skill in order to have up-to-date information received from professionals on the chosen topic, as well as to receive specific statistical data. I learned to work more carefully and painstakingly on the composition. This skill makes my essays and reports more complex, exciting, and informative for any reader. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate what I have learned and focus on the topic I wrote about earlier.

My favorite essay was about wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. This topic is one of the most relevant today because it is essential to know self-defense measures. It was interesting to study it since there are different opinions about preserving health in a pandemic. I enjoyed working on this essay because it touches on an important issue protecting against infection with the virus. There are various arguments in favor of the use of respiratory protection, as well as a counterargument.

Expectations and Reality

My interest in the topic prompted me to start studying various studies and authoritative opinions of people engaged in a more detailed analysis. I expected to deepen my knowledge, and I would need to read a lot of research, take notes and learn to highlight the main parts of the text. Undoubtedly, my expectations were justified, but still, the topic is essential for further existence in current conditions. In this regard, this work has not become something burdensome for me. I aim to read more scientific research on various topics in the future, expand my horizons and deepen my knowledge in areas of interest to me.


My research was aimed at studying the benefits of wearing masks during a pandemic. Experts’ opinions were divided into three different groups. The first group of professionals believes that wearing masks is necessary in modern times, as it helps prevent infection with a virus or the spread of infection with a disease. The second group considers that wearing masks is effective but combined with thorough hand washing, as it helps to stop the transmission of infection. The third group believes that wearing masks cannot effectively protect against the virus. Although the opinions of researchers vary, it is still necessary to observe the mask regime as a security measure.

The air that people breathe can be filled with infected particles, and COVID-19 is no exception. Because airborne droplets transmit the virus, its molecules remain in the air after an infected person sneezes or talks. If people wear a mask correctly, protection from such bacteria will be a more correct and conscious attempt to protect them from the virus (Tso and Cowling, 2). In addition, some people, being sick, can leave the place of self-isolation and transmit the virus to other people while they are on the street. In this case, wearing a mask is also an important measure to preserve people’s health.

Other experts who worked on studies of the effectiveness of wearing respiratory protection did not find the masks useless. MacIntyre and Hasanain strongly recommend adding thorough hand washing to masks (4). This will help protect against coronavirus, as well as other diseases. In addition, hand washing is proper, since even putting on and taking off the mask, people can touch the skin of the face, which is also a way of transmitting the disease.


Even though many experts express their commitment to wearing masks, some do not consider them effective. Zender-Swiercz et al. state that there are tiny particles of the virus that can enter the human body even through a mask and cause infection (3). Stuck in a mask, viruses can provoke even faster penetration into the body and produce various forms of the disease. In addition, the mask cannot provide a complete fit to the face, thereby skipping the virus. Wearing a mask prevents oxygen from entering the body, which saturates the blood, negatively affecting the human body.

Cultural Context

In my opinion, wearing a mask can still protect people from a large spread of the virus, naturally in conjunction with hand washing and other recommendations. Considering this issue through the prism of the cultural aspect, it can be traced that the trend of wearing respiratory protection among adults is still leaning towards wearing a mask. Although young people often ignore experts’ recommendations and violate the regime established by the state. This decision can lead to negative consequences since young people are also at risk of disease.


With careful treatment of surfaces with disinfectants, regular hand washing, and wearing masks, people will have more opportunities to prevent the worldwide spread of viruses. World Health Organization (2020) recommends washing hands before putting on a mask. It is imperative to pay attention to loved ones and remind them of security measures during COVID-19. Therefore, after visiting public places, putting on and taking off the mask, and just being in an area of self-isolation, it is essential to wash your hands with soap. Probably, if all people followed the prescribed precautions, humanity could get rid of the condition and spread COVID-19 with more incredible speed.


In conclusion, wearing masks can be a safety measure for all people on the planet. Undoubtedly, there may be different opinions and scientific studies about their effectiveness. After all, when the pandemic began and to this day, experts urged to wear respiratory protection as preventive measures against the spread of infection. It is important to remember that masks should be changed regularly, decontaminated, and disposed of properly. In addition, it is necessary to observe hand hygiene, disinfect surfaces and visit public places as rarely as possible. Since I am adherent to the advice on mandatory masks, I will follow the established rules.

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