How to Keep Employees Motivated

Motivation of employees to accomplish their work goals is critical, as it influences their efficiency and productivity. There are many methods of motivating workers, but the effectiveness of each of them can be questioned. I think that keeping workers motivated is the work of Human Resources team that should conduct face-to-face conversations with employees and tracking their performance and overall well-being in the workplace.

I agree that rewarding is not the right method because it provides short-term motivation and creates competition among workers. For a persistent motivation, employees should feel that their work is valuable and that they can implement their knowledge. As you have mentioned, providing trainings without further implementation is useless. Giving real cases, projects and group works where workers can demonstrate their new knowledge and skills is vital for motivating workers. Routine work without any new tasks that are required certain abilities reduces motivation to pursue work goals. Therefore, workers should receive tasks with regard to their trainings, so that they will feel elevated.

Setting specific goals for personal and career development is also crucial for employees’ motivation. Human Resources team should ensure that every worker has a vision of his growth in an organization. Moreover, friendly environment in a workplace provides favorable conditions to reach work goals. Team-buildings with leaders and people from other departments can positively impact the overall motivation. This is because sharing working experience can motivate others to do the same. I also suggest leaders engaging more with their workers in the project management. Asking their opinions can improve their critical thinking; thus, increasing motivation to work. Leaders also may notice their success and tell them about it, keeping workers in a right direction.

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