Hotel Escargo: Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

The main objective of this paper is to list out the quality problems that have been persisting in the area due to different activities that have taken place within Hotel Escargo. As a consultant hired by the Hotel Escargo management team by way of the charge to enhance the Hotel’s actions and enlarge excellence and consumer happiness. The main aim is to explain timely learning techniques and work samples and execute calculations. Also, assess quality direct apparatus used to examine and develop Hotel Escargo procedure. “Upon the annual review of the Hotel Escargo chain, it was discovered that there was room for improvement with the check-in and check-out system implemented by the Rooms Division Department. In addition, there are many areas that the hotel can improve to raise the overall quality and customer satisfaction.” (Get an answer to this business homework questions, 2010, para.3). The present procedure used to verify check-in, check-out, and offers of the hotel is ineffective equally for the consumer and Hotel Escargo. A novel procedure should be blown up that offers a suitable and effective situation for the consumer in addition to the most excellent use of the Hotel Escargo resources. Also, a fishbone diagram has been constructed in this paper to highlight the factors of the problems in the given areas.

Quality Management within the company is one of the important issues one needs to keep in mind to focus the business on the right path. Without having the proper quality management, it is not reliable for a company to get success in business quality management “is a comprehensive and structured approach to organizational management that seeks to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback.” (Total quality management, 2010, para.1).

The three main issues of focus in Hotel Escargo are check-in, check-out, and hotel offerings. The current check-in process in the hotel requires improvement. At present two types of guests arrive at the hotel. Some guests arrive by making prior reservations and there are other guests who arrive straight away without prior reservations. The treatment given to both these guests can be improved. After all, the guests are the customers of the hotel. So, they should be treated with warmth and affection. The security at the gate should have a proper knowledge at least about the number of reserved guests who will be coming on a particular day to the hotel. The security should be well informed about the car parking arrangements available for the customers and as soon as a guest arrives irrespective of reserved or unreserved guests the security should greet and welcome them at the gate. He should also take details of their vehicle number, their personal details and immediately after parking should provide the customer with the token. While taking the personal details, he should be polite and should not force the customer to reveal the details, if he is not willing. The details that the security needs to collect about the guest should be brief and in particular he should ask whether the guest has any diseases that the hotel needs to take care of while providing him service. The present treatment to the customer is a very time consuming affair and end even if the customer has made prior reservations. He has to spend a lot of time on the front desk; which should be altered. The customers should be treated uniquely at the front desk. The duration of the stay in the hotel and the type of the facilities needed should be clarified at the time of check-in. The check-out process in the hotel can also be improved. The check-out operation can be much simplified and new technologies can be adopted to simplify the process. “Due to changes in technology there are other check-out options available, namely express check out and self check out.” (Pizam, 2005, p.67).

In the check-in procedure, new easy ways of treating guests can be adopted like providing the customers with a computer registration card which can be used for verifying the details. Similarly, the credit card payments can be made online which can save the guest’s time and the customer becomes happy. “Online credit card authorization terminals enable front desk personnel to receive timely credit approval.” (Pizam, 2005, p.267).

Check-ins Check-outs Hotel offerings
Security Arrangements New security arrangements New security arrangements
Front office Online credit card payment Online credit card payment
New service delivery Superior service quality by adopting TQM techniques

Time Study is an attempted and experimented technique of job measurement for arranging fundamental times and therefore it helps to measure times for accomplishing a particular work. Hotel Escargo is nowadays facing a lot of quality problems. So, Time Study analysis is an important mechanism used for the work investigation.

It is a one of the main instrument applied for the quality management. The fishbone figure offers an organized method of looks at causes and the reasons that generate or give to those things. In order to overcome the problems associated with Hotel Escargo the continuous quality improvement facility must be adopted. “Identify hotel needs and rank in order of importance (using both qualitative and quantitative information).” (Problem, 2010, para.2). The particular fishbone figure helps to identify various causes and problems associated with the given areas. The top of the fishbone figure is the trouble that is being examined. The frame part of fishbone figure embodies the reasons of trouble. Every reason associated with the particular trouble within fishbone diagram can be additional developed. Throughout the fishbone figure study, two sets of the reasons should be made. The main area selects to focus and create a fishbone diagram that captures all potential root cause is that check-in services provided by the hotel. One group mention the external reason of the problems such as market, climate, legislation etc…and the other set mention the internal reasons of the problems such as output, discipline, huge expenses. The follows illustrate the fishbone diagram:

Figure 1. Fishbone

To productively construct causes and event chart, the following things should be keep it in to the mind:

  • The consent of every person is necessary before making the trouble report.
  • It should be brief.
  • Follow every procession of causality support to its reason
  • Consider dividing up congested branches.

“Fishbone diagram reflects the cause -and-effect diagram is a method for analyzing process dispersion. Three basic types: Dispersion analysis, Process classification and cause enumeration. Effect = problem to be resolved, opportunity to be grasped, result to be achieved.” (TQM tools, n.d., para.6).

Quality Management is one of the important things that should be followed by every company. Hotel Escargo faced a lot of quality problem so that it is necessary to find out those problems to overcome it. Here, the company Hotel Escargo adopts various methods to tackle these problems by way new check-in, check-out and superior service quality methods.


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