Health Care Delivery


The rules and the principles of health care management and the issues of the quality of health care system performance. It is necessary to mention that the concern on the issues of the health care system in the USA has reached a slow boil. Health care ranks among the top issues that the US community wishes their policymakers to address, and the citizens are increasingly anxious with the growing worries on the issues of health care quality decrease.


The main problem of the health care delivery system, which is linked with the issues of health care management, is the inability of the management system to set up firm principles and rules of providing high-quality services. High costs, gap-ridden coverage, and sporadic quality are the health care problems that are the most concerning, even even though these are the problems that are the issues that are discussed even more than any other problem (Aldridge, 2004).

Frankel (2005) in his research states the following fact: “With the help of its volunteer Health Care Delivery and Policy Research Advisory Committee, the Society establishes priority areas each year and releases a request for proposals which is widely distributed to investigators in the field. The projects listed below were competitively selected from such proposals. The priority areas established for 2009 focus on Comprehensive analysis of the direct and indirect costs of HC; Study of children and teens of parents with HC; Unmet needs for specialized housing among persons with MS; Analysis of MS physician workforce”.

The issues of improving the quality of health care delivery, and the services of enhancing health system performance generally depend on the matters of improving the principles of HC education and performing the basic principles of good health care. It is stated in Kovner and Knickman (2005) that an apparent disagreement exists between the fact that the United States has the highest quality health care in the world, however, the issues of HC delivery quality are regarded to be law, and there is a wide gap in the latest achievements. To improve the quality of the health care delivery system, policies must focus on the individual and population levels. From this point of view, it should be stated that the process of searching the ways and principles of improving the cultural aspects of the health care delivery system (Baily and Bottrell, 2006).

The fact is that the health care delivery systems are considered to be the confronting important challenges created by the rapid improvements in the spheres of communication and biomedical technology, the strong requirement for cost-containment and the concentration on effectiveness and efficiency, the augment in demand for services and modifications in demographic and epidemiological factors (Crichton and Robertson, 2008).


Finally, it is necessary to mention that the health care industry is often regarded as a sphere, which entails peoples’ implement or the offering of a service related to the preservation or improvement of health. Originally the issues of health care delivery and the quality of delivery of contemporary health care depend on the education matters, and the process of professional training.


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