Fayetteville NC VA Medical Facility Case Study

Health care facilities have the role of offering quality, timely, and affordable medical services; to attain this paramount objective, leaders in the industry must be effective and decisive. This paper discusses the services offered by Fayetteville NC VA Medical Facility.

Type of facility

Fayetteville NC VA Medical Facility is a medical facility managed by VA Medical Facility in the United States; the facility offers quality medical services and extends the service to funeral and cemetery services. To manage the growing demand for health care facilities, the facility has employed an able experienced staffs in different areas; the move to have highly motivated and trained staffs is facilitated by maintaining high quality medical personnel’s/physicians and undertaking an intensive research on different areas in medicine.

Since 1940, the facility has been in the business of improving the health of people who have proudly served the United States; the services are extended to over 157,000 veterans living in a 21-county area of North Carolina and South Carolina (Fayetteville NC VA Medical Facility official Website, 2011). The service are offered by highly qualified primary care providers, and incase need be they do specialty care referrals. Generally, the services can be divided into three main areas, as:

Benefits and service

Under this sector, the facility ensures that the veterans get their dues and their benefits form service is well managed for the benefit of their dependants. Some of the benefits include Veterans’ pension and compensation, it ensures that the pensioners and the family get their right from the government; when playing this role the facility acts as the body that fights for the veterans and their families rights of respect and preferential treatment.

Health Care

Under this section, the facility offers quality medical facilities and care to the veterans and their families; the service are offered in over 1,400 sites of care, where a patient has right to access the services; they are interconnected with the internet that patients data can be found in any of the facility. In case of difficulty, they are advice accordingly.

Burial and Memorials

As a matter of last respect, burial, funeral and memorial, services to Veterans and reservists, National Guard members; the facility has some sites that are given respect and treated as places of honor, before one gets to the “Hero” corner, there are some achievements that he must has acquired in his time as a veteran.

Inpatient services

The facility has some inpatients who are taken care in the facilities for various reasons; they include health patients, the old and negated and when offering counseling and psychological support to veterans. When a patient visits the hospital, it is the role of the medical staff to diagnose and advise the patient whether he is supposed to be an inpatient or outpatient patients.

Outpatient’s service

The facility offers outpatients services in all its outlets and has also other ways of reaching the patients which include off-Station Primary Care Clinics and Community-Based Outpatient Clinics; when need be, they attend to veterans in their homes and offer advice to friends, family members and the society on how to take care of the sick among them.

The types of services that are provided at this facility

The facility service can be classified as:

Caregiver Support Coordinators

This segments targets the psychologically troubled people in the community, they are mostly the veterans of war and the old people. In this sector, the facility offers them advice and social needs and when they are not feeling well, the company offers medication in that effect.

Extended Care and Rehabilitation

The facility is offered at the hospital premises and home based/ community based care; it aims at rehabilitating different addicts and solving social evils in the community; the services are offered with the assistance of Geriatric and Research Education and Clinical Center.

Hospice POCs and pharmacy service

This sector deals with inpatients and out patients in different areas; pharmacy services are only extended to a patient after a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner.

Specialty Care and Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury deals with matters of spinal codes, it undertakes massive research on how to maintain and develop medication for people suffering spinal code related diseases. Specialty Care deals with neurology, radiation, oncology, and audiology; this is aimed at ensuring that the sector of diseases has been well addressed and improved.

Women and children health sector

Women and children matters are considered matter of great concern in the facility; they are accorded special treatment where they are handled by professional in different areas; some of the services offered in this section include gynecology, mammography, reproductive care, and menopause treatment.

In addition, a research and development sector is maintained as a support department but offers services enables delivery of quality medical care.

To manage quality and maintain efficiency in the above-mentioned sectors, the company has a number of resident medical practitioners as well as support staffs. Other than resident doctors, nurses and medical practitioners, the hospital maintains contacts with experts in certain areas who may be working freelance to offer such services. This is done to both inpatient and outpatient customers. The level of technology is changing daily in all sectors of an economy; the hospital has realized the changes in technology and embarked on massive technological improvement. This ensures that they can deliver quality and timely services to their patients. Other than the medical part of it, all employees whether they belong to an outsourced partner or they are directly employed in the organization are required to treat customers with courtesy and guide them to the best of their knowledge.

The types of patients that receive care at this facility

Although the facility is opened to the community, it mainly targets the following class of people:

  • Veterans
  • Reservists
  • National Guard members and their
  • family members

(Fayetteville NC VA Medical Facility official Website 2011).

The facility has embarked on the following programs to improve service and reduce their cost of operations

Health information-management system (HIMS)

HIMS is a computerized system used in medical facilities to facilitate the flow of data and information within the organization for fast and effective decision-making; it handles patient’s data and assists in fast service delivery. The main aim of the system is to improve on data management and quality services delivery (Nauert, 2000).

Implementation of QI (quality improvement) tools

Fayetteville NC VA Medical Facility has adopted quality improvement (QI) tools to ensure it offers affordable, timely and quality medical care services. Some of the tools adopted include integrated supply chain management, business intelligence tools, research and development policy, Six Sigma, and total quality management tools (TQM).


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