Doha Delivery Company’s Readiness for Innovation


As a target organization to analyze readiness for innovation, Doha Delivery will be considered, a Qatari online food ordering company. This service operates on the Internet and offers users an opportunity to select and order dishes from different world cuisines to their homes by utilizing a simple search algorithm (Doha Delivery, 2021). Doha Delivery, being an online platform, is ready for innovations and updates. However, the current resources, in particular, the company’s budget, are not sufficient and do not allow for the implementation of product development solutions due to the existing constraining conditions of the local legislation.

The Strategic Role of Innovation

In the context of the organization under consideration, the strategic role of service innovation is high. Doha Delivery is a platform for ordering food online, but since this is not the only site with similar functions, its founder needs to create a unique offer by adapting the application to consumer needs. As Slack and Brandon-Jones (2018) state, in modern businesses, creativity is achieved through original ideas. The decisions to combine a large number of catering establishments and categorize food geographically are successful in the context of a marketing plan. At the same time, strategically, Doha Delivery needs to withstand market competition by creating a unique digital system. Continuous app upgrades, new features, and other innovations are valuable steps to attracting and retaining a wider audience. In addition, the work on the interface of the platform correlates directly with sales since more options for selection are directly proportional to higher demand. New ideas can help attract sponsors, which is relevant in the absence of stable investments. Therefore, the role of innovation in Doha Delivery is high.

Innovation Process Objectives

Concerning Doha Delivery, the objectives of the innovation process are specified since they are few. One of the main and logical directions of the upgrade is the adaptation of the application for different devices, for instance, tablets, so that both customers and staff could use this platform conveniently (Doha Delivery, 2021). In addition, in the organization, much attention is paid to promote on social media, which, in turn, is associated with the active attraction of new sites for placing advertising materials (Doha Delivery, 2021). According to Slack and Brandon-Jones (2018), conformance and specification are the variables that determine the innovation process from the standpoint of its efficiency and quality. Since Doha Delivery is focused on online work exclusively, the key development steps are made in this direction. Although most of the solutions are transparent and understandable due to the standard principles of online promotion, the organization’s management understands the range of activities and tasks to implement to improve the quality of services. This attention is a prerequisite for a sustainable innovation process necessary in a competitive market.

The Definition of the Innovation Process

The definition of the innovation process, in particular, an optimization plan for improving the quality of products or services provided, is a valuable step to take. Despite the mentioned optimization areas, in Doha Delivery, this plan is not developed in detail, which can be explained by the recent appearance of this organization in the target market (Doha Delivery, 2021). The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted different sectors of life significantly, and the catering industry has been hit hard by a sharp decrease in demand. At the same time, the organization in question offers food delivery services, which is a popular solution due to the massive lockdown. The Doha Delivery management has chosen the right time to start its business, but since the company is young, there is no clear plan for innovation and fixing current mistakes or gaps. As Slack and Brandon-Jones (2018) state, this process involves several steps, from design to evaluation improvements. However, the Doha Delivery team has not yet defined the necessary development strategies and has not built a strong innovation process algorithm.

The Resources for Developing Innovations

Due to the aforementioned constraints, in particular, its recent market entry and the lack of a clear development strategy, Doha Delivery does not have sufficient resources for product innovation growth. The situation is complicated by local restraints, in particular, financial legislation. Business monetization is problematic in the face of problems with the use of credit cards since, in Qatar, banks have monopolistic opportunities and restrain payment channels (Doha Delivery, 2021). As a result, the management of the organization cannot count on a massive influx of customers due to the inability of many consumers to pay remotely. Slack and Brandon-Jones (2018) note that companies should plan to spend their current capacity on business development because investing in innovation is the key to sustainable demand and maintaining market position. Nonetheless, in the case of Doha Delivery, the service cannot count on stable partnerships shortly. The organization operates only online, and one of the few channels of resource inflow is advertising integrations. In a young business, such a prospect is unlikely, and at the moment, Doha Delivery does not have significant resources to optimize its work radically.

Service Development Processes

While analyzing the business of Doha Delivery, one can note that the development of services and the process in which they are created are simultaneous. The company is constantly working on updating the database and introducing renewed software functions, and in parallel, relevant optimization solutions are being promoted (Doha Delivery, 2021). Given the specifics of this business, this approach is reasonable and logical. As Slack and Brandon-Jones (2018, p. 83) state, “integrating the design of the product-service offering and the design of the process used to create and deliver them” helps promote specific goods or services in the market. Doha Delivery competes with other similar organizations, and to be productive in these conditions and demonstrate high-performance results, the management needs to ensure continuous innovation without interrupting the basic services of the organization. Therefore, such a strategy of simultaneous work is a reasonable approach to ensure the growth of the client base and the accumulation of capital for further development and innovation.


Doha Delivery is a young but steadily growing organization in Qatar, which encourages innovation but, at the same time, has to overcome some barriers caused by the lack of resources. Budget problems compounded by the constraints of local financial regulations limit the potential for business development. However, the role of innovation in Doha Delivery is high since the company provides services online, which, in turn, requires constant updating of the digital platform to optimize the workflow. Due to high competition, the organization offers customers unique food ordering options, and the competence of the management and staff makes it possible to support the business in difficult social conditions caused by the pandemic.

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