Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was established in 1979 by the Health Department of the federal government of the United States. The Health and Human Services department is the cabinet department of the federal government; its objective is to provide human and health services to the public (Grassley, 2003). The goal of the department involves protection from health problems and the prosperity of the community. For this purpose, the department works with health institutions and other organizations by facilitating individuals with health securities, insurance, finance, consoling, and health assistance (Grassley, 2003). One of the distinct features of the department is that it works with the collaboration of health institutions and the federal government to prepare health budgets that determine expected revenues to be generated and expenses to be incurred to provide health services to the general public. Department of Health and Human Services is led by a member of the United States cabinet who is appointed by the President of the United States. Unlike other health institutions, this department works for the welfare of people and aims to deliver health benefits to the people living in the country (Grassley, 2003).

There are several human health services provided by the departments, like health research, disease prevention and control, mental rehab, and financial assistance. Almost more than three hundred programs are carried out by the department of health and human services (Grassley, 2003). These programs involve disease prevention and control programs, Medicare and Medicaid facilities, health and social research programs, awareness programs, health services, and violence and abuses prevention programs (Grassley, 2003). The department carefully determines health issues and addresses them accordingly to the federal government. This allows the federal government to take initiative measures to prevent and control health issues (Grassley, 2003). Department of Health and human health services work for the people of the United States and aims prosperity of the community (Grassley, 2003). Unlike other private institutions, the department works for the welfare of the people and directs the federal government to prepare health budgets. Apart from providing health assistance, the department provides medical aid and finance to poor families and senior citizens.

This report includes an interview conducted of Latoya Matthew who is an office assistant at the department of human and health services and it shall further illustrate the responsibilities and duties of an assistant in the human and health service industry. The center of Medicare and Medicaid Services provides funding facilitation to poor families, low-income pregnant women, and senior citizens. The Medicare and Medicaid service centers were initiated in 2001 for providing aids and medical security to youth and poor families. The interview shall further illustrate the prior functioning of the department. This will provide an understanding of changes that have taken place in the industry and the responsibilities of workers in the health industry.

Mathew: The primary responsibilities of the position are to update the records of the clients and patients, ensure the formal and paper forms, manage appointments, meeting and greet patients and clients. Furthermore, the assistant shall determine the case of the client and address them concerning the department of Human and Health Services.

Mathew: Department of Human and Health Services has a vast field therefore, clients in different health departments are different customers. The main customers that we assess are health patients, senior citizens, poor families, abused children and women, low-income pregnant women, etc.

Matthew: My career in the profession was social work, human services, and gerontology. Therefore, I acquired the certificate of the American association for medical assistants (AAMA). Further, it applied for an internship in social and human health organizations including different agencies, NGOs, hospitals, and medical centers.

Matthew: Adequate and relevant education is a must for the assistant position. The minimum requirement for the position is a certificate in medical assistant, social working, or gerontology. These courses provide an understanding of the primary duties and responsibilities of the position. These courses are the minimum requirement at any federal health and human care institution.

Matthew: Related to the question on whether adequately prepares you for the various facets of your job the interviewee is of the view that education surely provided him the understanding about a different aspect. It guided him to understand the prior duties of office assistant at human and health services. It also allowed him to understand various aspects and dimensions of the health care industry. The internship and courses provided understanding about various issues and health problems.

Matthew: If a person wants to choose health and human services as a profession one should acquire a degree or certificate in social work, human and health services, gerontology, and medical assistance. Furthermore, the experience and practical experience are essential for the purpose one should do internships or work in hospitals, medical centers, health care centers, and NGOs.

What are similar positions like in other organizations?

Matthew: Human and health services include a wide dimension of professions. One who adopts the profession can work in health care centers, hospitals, medical centers, NGO’s and rehab centers. Positions of medical assistant, social worker assistant, and health care counselor can be acquired by the person who acquires this profession.

Matthew: The determination of social work and human health services is one of the main attributes that is required for the success of an individual in this profession. One should have patience and knowledge of the health issues and should acquire strong conversational skills. This is because of the reason that clients in health and human services departments are anxious and nervous resulting in disturbing behaviors and one should be well equipped to address the issues.

Matthew: The interviewee’s views on how they interact with others in their environment suggest that the working environment varies as the profession involves traveling in different hospitals and localities. Individuals have to switch from one location to another in pursuit of their services to the public. Individuals working in the industry should be polite and calm when interacting with clients. There are different types of mentally disturbed clients who may rush or get violent for the purpose we should carefully listen and address the issues promptly.

Matthew: In light of your interviewee’s role in the context of the broader health care industry the interviewee stated that the role of the office assistant in the department of human and health services is very important. The assistant is responsible for bookkeeping and records of their customers. The records and data of clients play an important role in determining the scope of health issues in society. The management of customers’ inquiries and needs is their primary duty therefore they need to understand health issues and address these issues.

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