Decision Making Issues of Best Buy

Best Buy is a multi-channel retailer of consumer electronics and is ranked as the largest company in the retail industry. The company has opened stores in various countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada and China. The company has also opened several stores spread over Europe. In terms of online retailing, the company is ranked as the 11th largest in the United States and Canada. The company has always tried to provide their customers with the best service in terms of offering them knowledgeable advice as well as support for their electronics needs. Decision-making is an important aspect of any organisation and the way it is executed determines the success of the organisation to a large extent. The process needs to be structured in such a manner that management considers all factors before making any decision so that they avoid making the wrong or inappropriate decisions that may affect the organisation in a negative way (Mintzberg et al. 248).

In modern management, decision-making is an important aspect that management should always give a lot of focus on. The job description of a manager is mainly about making sound and rational decisions. This, therefore, means that most of the manager’s activities involve decision-making. These decisions are the determinants of the direction the organisation takes and the actions that the employees in the organisation carry out in their daily work. Making decisions comes with a commitment to action and involves a process where managers have to make a choice between a set of alternatives. This involves an evaluation of the best alternative among the available options. Managers of Best Buy, therefore, need to address all the issues of decision-making that the company faces in order to ensure that the company remains on the right track in terms of future plans (Basi, 235).

Decision-making at Best Buy is influenced by issues such as social identity where the decisions made have to be in line with how people view the organisation. This is important in that it helps the organisation to maintain a positive view from the customers. Social identity can be used as a competitive strategy since customers normally buy from a company that they can identify with. It is therefore important for the management of Best Buy to ensure that they make decisions that are in line with a positive social outlook in order to be able to maintain their customers and remain ahead of the competition (Akanni, 56).

Another issue that the management of the company should consider when making decisions is the issue of stereotyping where the organisation is associated with certain attributes by virtue of the industry in which it operates. The fact that the company operates in the electronic industry means that it is a trusted company and it is expected that the services it provides to its customers are of high quality especially when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Management should also ensure that they make decisions without bias as well as without selective perception. This is important in that management will be able to make decisions that are in the best interests of the company and not for short-term personal gains. The fact that the company has a new CEO means that the decisions that the company makes are directed at driving the performance of the organisation to greater heights (Basi, 235).

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