Current Trends in Health Care Quality

As I currently am working in a psychiatric facility, I have defined several current trends within my employment setting. The first significant trend, which occurred due to the limitation of communication in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, is computerized approaches to psychiatry and wide use of digital communication. Moreover, according to Türközer and Öngür (2020), the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic could potentially influence the mental health care system with significant challenges in the nearest future. The authors emphasize that to fulfill the needs of society, psychiatrists would need to adapt to the new situations and utilize available methods and technologies.

Current trends in healthcare are moving towards improving patient outcomes with the use of technology. In contrast, in the recent past, the health care trends were centered more on the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care system as a whole. Changes like Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and reduced length of stay (LOS) in hospitals helped ensure patient safety and improve the patients’ outcomes, while also reducing cost and helping with resource management. The MTM initiative of pharmacist-led medication therapy allowed the professionals to detect and prevent further medical problems among patients and ensure that the patients get most benefits from the medications. Reduced length of stay minimized the cost of services for both patient and the healthcare system and increased patients’ safety through improved coordination of care services.

Current trends of health care quality are focused on providing effective patient-centered care. The majority of health care services now are evidence-based and provide more preventative services than before. According to Giddens (2015), the patient-centered care attribute of healthcare quality focuses on acknowledging each patient’s preferences, needs, and values. Patient-centered care is now prioritized in healthcare services to ensure that the patients are treated with respect and dignity.


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