Concept of Love: Shulman’s “Love Is a Fallacy” and Cameron’s “Titanic”

Concept of love

In real life, love is a concept that has never been clearly established. Love serves many functions. It is a need that so many people seek in life and a few understand. It is an essential and fulfilling feeling that most people desire in their lives. The universal concept of love is that it is a commitment between two people, a feeling of wanting to spend time and be intimate with the person you are attracted to.

Love can be viewed in the context of it being a choice and a decision and not feelings alone. When one is attracted to a person, he/she chooses to love the person. Love is a continuous friendship. People who love each other are true to each other. Trust and faithfulness are essential in a love relationship. It is compassionate, patient, and kind. The other concept of love is that it is a concern for the well-being of the other person.

True love is logical

It is logical for people to truly love each other. True love is based on true friendship and openness to each other. True love incorporates caring for each other. True love has a strong foundation and it is not only about sexual and physical fulfillment. It is realistic and understanding. True love helps a person grow mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. It is logical because love is a strong affection and personal attachment between the two people.

Intimacy is essential for those who love each other. This makes true love logical because there is a strong bond between the two. When people bond they become close to each other and therefore build a strong and intimate friendship. Thus true love is logical because it is not only based on feelings but also on friendship. Feelings can fade away unlike true friendship.

Love is a fallacy; by Max Shulman

Relationship among Petey, Petey’s roommate and Polly

In this story, love is shown as patient. Petey’s roommate observed Polly for a long time and became interested in her. An opportunity was opened for him when Petey needed a raccoon coat. Petey’s roommate offered to give him one in exchange for Polly who was then close to Petey. The theme of commitment is brought out in this story. Petey’s roommate committed himself to teaching Polly. He is determined to raise her intelligence and add to her knowledge. He is not selfish with what he can offer Polly. He shares the knowledge he has with her not only for his benefit but also for Polly’s benefit in life.

Several themes are brought out in this story. One of them being love is patient. Petey’s roommate waited for the right time to have a relationship with Polly. He respected their friendship with Petey. He also taught Polly patiently. He wanted her to be intelligent and therefore sacrificed his time to teach her. Thus there is true love in the story. Petey’s roommate has a true love for Polly. He understands Polly and respects her. He recognizes she is beautiful and gracious but she lacks intelligence.


This is a love, romance, and disaster film. It is about two people from different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship they are traveling in. The producer relates the audience with the story by making it a narration in real life. Rose had a fiancé named Cal when they were boarding the ship. However, there were no true love, instead of selfish motives of finances. She plans to commit suicide by drowning herself. That is when Jack comes in and requests her not to jump into the ocean. This leads to a close friendship being formed which blossoms to love and romance. They go through many challenges, and are able to overcome them all.

Comparison between “love is a fallacy” and Titanic

In the story of Titanic, love is portrayed as not self seeking. This is shown in the context of Jack Dawson’s choosing to save his girlfriend Rose. He sacrificed his life for her. The same applies to Petey’s roommate, even after those five evenings he spent teaching her; he was understanding and respected her decision. He did not prioritize romance instead he prioritized Polly’s intelligence. Jack prioritized Rose’s life over his.

According to ‘love is a fallacy’, romantic relationships are those between a man and a woman attracted to each other. One key aspect to every relationship is communication. Each individual express their feelings, thoughts and needs. Love enables people to care for each other, teach each other, respect each other and have compassion. A person with love and in a relationship is able to differentiate between what is good and what is evil.

Titanic shows how true love brightens and brings joy to people’s lives. Unlike ‘love is a fallacy’ whereby there was selfishness. Petey betrayed his roommate by having Polly make a promise to him. Jack and Rose on the other side fought for their love and did not betray anyone. Cal tried to separate them but they had true love bind them. This shows true love is logical.

Basis of love

Love and romantic relations are mainly based on attraction. For two people to be in a relationship, they must be attracted to each other. It could be physical attraction, emotional attraction, friendship, career attraction, among others. Love is also based on mutual understanding, compatibility and respect. According to ‘Love is a fallacy’ by Max Shulman, Polly and Peter’s roommate did not have a mutual understanding. This is the reason as to why there was no romantic relationship between them.

Love is not only based on physical attraction. Two people may have sexual relations but they do not love each other, whereas two people may not have any sexual relations yet they love each other. When a person chooses to love another, it is a commitment that they undertake. One takes both the weaknesses and strengths of the person they love. Love complements the two people involved. It is based on their decision to be there for each other.


The feeling felt by a person towards another is normally referred to as love. However, love is more of a choice to feelings. A couple that is dating is connected to each other by love. Feelings may also be incorporated but the greater love is that of choosing to love a person. Love is kind, patient, understanding, and does not delight on the wrong. Love protects and brings joy to people’s lives. It is affectionate and brings a personal attachment between the people relating. People in a relationship identify with love.

Love is one of the greatest gifts a person can have and romance is the greatest crown of love. However, men and women have different attachments of love. Men tend to attach love to physical aspects while women attach it to emotions. Women want to date a man who will care for them not only materially but also emotionally. Both men and women however have a common understanding; they want to share unconditional love.

It is therefore important for people in romantic relationships to value their friendship. Love has its good times and bad times. The only difference is how people handle such moments. Just like in the story of “Love is a fallacy”, being mature and respectful is the best way to handle relationships.

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