Childcare Support System’s Service Governance

Organization Size and Structure

G1 business is a legal entity that will only concentrate on childcare services in Australia. However, due to public demand, we are planning to include counseling and healthy eating session for the children. A significant percentage of the children do observe healthy eating because of financial issues and lack of adequate information. As such, we can uphold this initiative to advocate for better children’s rights.

Our childcare support system is seeking to open five small branches that are headed by the headquarters in Victoria. We will choose a team that will manage the organizations at the other branches. Every branch will have a manager, Assistant manager, financial accountant, and nurses and caregivers who take care of the children. We have constantly been thinking about increasing the number of caregivers as the children are growing and they need more attendance. Our management team will help us in overseeing all the programs at the branches. Thus, at the headquarters, we only receive reports and organize one day’s visit per quarter.

Our organization will be in Victoria in Australia; we are planning to have branches spread in the city and others in remote regions. In Sydney, we will open three branches that are in Alexandria, Annandale, Barangaroo. Sydney is a big town, and we are planning to extend our childcare services to every corner of the town by 2025. Because of the large budget, we plan to have our head office at the same place, Victoria (G1 Early Education, 2020). Hence, we will manage to plan well, and all the children will receive better childcare services.

Family daycare operations will be scheduled in the rural areas to well serve the population. In remote regions, it will be easy for us to manage the people as they cannot afford to come to the urban centers. The major aim is to expand our services to the remote zones as they also need them. The only challenge is the budget, which is too high as we do not have sufficient funds.

Decision making

The laws as outlined in Section 194E of the A New Tax System keep on changing. Thus, we will create a routine of being updated with the current acts and policies that have been approved. Every time a new policy is changed, we must transform the sections to ensure that we align with the current structures. A financial year has two quarters which are after every six months. The exception of the factors that affect our decision-making process is the employees’ recruitment and performance index. Recruitment choices will be made every time a worker retires, quits, or they are fired. Therefore, we are forced to make quick decisions during this time.

Management employees will be in charge of the decision-making process. However, we will include every department member to ensure that the process is fair. All the workers are to raise their concerns as per their feelings and satisfaction and air them in a meeting. The head of the department in charge of the rest of the departments must seek signed consent to officially address other issues. As a result, we can improve our services to each department and the external community.

The human resource manager will be responsible for the ACCS and additional absence decisions. According to our articles of association, the human resource manager oversees all the issues affecting the employees. Absence decisions are one of the major issues that affect employees’ performance in an organization (Olaosebikan, 2020). On some occasions, in the absence of the human resource director, the department’s assistant manager and head will handle the issues. Our decision process is simple and flexible to enable the employees to solve issues better.

The CEO of the whole child support service will be responsible for reviewing policies and procedures. Policy reviewing is always done once before the annual general meeting. The main reason why we do it once is that the policy review process takes time. However, we have some issues such as recruitment that may change without notice, and they will be included. Thus, we have a check on the external environment and how it will impact our operation.

Staff Employment, Training, and Management

The impact of Covid-19 affected many organizations globally; our organization was one of them. As a result, some employees were retrenched because there was no cash flow during that time. Based on the current news, the cases of Covid-19 have dropped, and we are hiring 14 employees to our firm. For instance, we need five accountants, three managers, three assistant managers, and three nurses at different branches. Our major aim is to support the youths from university; thus, we recruit most of our employees to the branches and with an experience of three years (G1 Early Education, 2020). Though some sections like caregivers, we employ at zero experience because we train them upon recruitment.

The organization will consider many factors during the recruitment of the employees. We must do a background check-up from the previous organization. Through the letter of recommendation, we will be able to assess the performance of the employee and their commitment to work. For example, the key determination is how the employees present themselves to the organizations. First impressions play an essential role in the recruitment process in every firm (Smart, 2020). After recruiting employees, we will give them probation for four months with half payment of the expected salary. Through probation, we can train the employee and know if they can work for the firm.

Training will be essential to our organization before employment and after recruitment. Training will be done during the first four months of probation to create a good relationship with the organization. Besides, the employees will be trained on family assistance law and the CCS payment because our organization will be offering childcare services and counseling. Thus, they are the basic aspects of training that every employee must be trained. Training never stops as every year we have about five training sessions to equip the organization with new market skills.

The organization will also provide the staff with the relevant resources to update them with the current news. The staff will be given CCS Provider Handbook to enable them to check how they should family care issues and management. There is a variety of books that the staff should provide to the employees. The continuous assessments that are done on the performance index will expose the existing disparities in the departments. Based on the gaps identified, the organization plans workshops on the identified challenges. Therefore, the organization will create better opportunities and solve the challenges the employees face.

Service Business Model

The organization has not yet started but we expect to perform as we will be ready for the task. For instance, we have targeted to collect about 15 million Australian dollars for the fast quarter. Improvement will be our major objective, and we will be among the best organizations. In the future, we will be targeting to increase our extension and segments to raise more capital to support all the programs. We are also planning to start companies manufacturing our products for the children that we support and our staff. In the next financial year, we will be planning on the launching of new products from our clothing manufacturers.

Our major customers will be families that need childcare support. Besides, we will be offering support systems through counseling to our customers and the new ones who need the services. We are starting with a good plan in our first financial year as there is a lot underway. We are planning to increase the number of branches as well as create more industries in the market. Through many ventures, more capital will be collected and support many families.

Our revenue incomes plan per child will vary as per the school or education. The main reason it will vary from one child is that every child has different needs (G1 Early Education, 2020). Our organization will apply many rules to determine the eligibility of the children that will be selected. The children that are in a higher need for childcare services will be given priority. However, those who will violate the policies will be denied the opportunity to get services. Some of the factors that may cause violation can be like submitting fake documents.

The organization will hire external auditors to always assess our financial reports. Due to the high amount of capital that we will use in paying, we plan to hire one permanently. The recruitment will be done in the coming year to save on hiring external consultants and auditors. Our main achievement is to implement the policy of internalization in our organization to cut the external costs. The firm has not suffered losses in some of the past financial years because our firm has not yet started. Thus, we will be able to increase our incomes in the subsequent financial quarters.

CCS Operations

Our organization will apply the most recent technology in recording registers and signing sheets in the organization. The manager at the branches always sends the attendance sheets online via the cloud platform. The cloud system is flexible because the management employees and other employees can work at home (G1 Early Education, 2020). The auditors check the accuracy of data entered after every quarter. Besides, the firm will employ an information technology expert who will oversee the system. In the end, our major goal will be to provide accurate data to the organization and account for better services to the community.

The human resources will countercheck the identified errors as per the risk audit reports audited. Finally, the intensity of the associated risk will be assessed, and the best recommendation actions will be taken to help the organization mitigate the risk.

Paycom is the best software for recording attendance in an organization. The software is among the best in the world as it has no lag time and is user friendly. The software gives the organization the ability to access all the files and programs in all the branches. Every staff member has login credentials that they use in entering their data and solving any issues in case of any. The members also get all the memos through the system. Every employee is responsible in case an information technology issue occurs. The employee sends a notification via a call to the IT department, and the issue is solved. As a result, the organization can handle the problem concerning the software first.

The organization has guaranteed families every day for 12 hours to handle the issues that occur. We have employed customer care services that handle the customer issues over phone calls and forward the issues to either accounting or management department. We will always ensure that management schedules meeting for handling disputes physically to ensure that our customers understand the steps taken. The mode of handling disputes will be very sensitive as it determines how customers rate the services. Therefore, we will have better dispute handling mechanisms to give customers satisfaction in the external environment.

Fraud and Risk Management

Risk management plays an integral role in our organization, as it helps in identifying our weaknesses. Audits are normally conducted after every financial year by sending the reports to the main headquarters. The reports are there compared with what the headquarters receives on the system daily. If some differences will be noted, the major recommendations must be also be followed. The records are checked twice by different managers to eliminate any level of bias. External auditors come once a year, but internal auditing will be carried out monthly because our organization has big data. Besides, it helps the organization in identifying the external customer issues that are affecting the organization. The results are always stored in the online files, and the final reports are printed for security and future reference if the systems fail.

The actions of fraud are treated differently, as the intensity of the impact varies. Suppose the fraud has a high-risk potential, which is red; the employee steps aside for investigations to be done. The other risks like medium and low the employee will be issued with warnings, and why they accumulate to three, the risk becomes high, and they will also be investigated. After investigations are done, either the employee is fired or returns to work if they are proven innocent. The organization always encourages employees to report fraud and be transparent for high productivity in the company.

The organization has implemented many policies that the main objective of providing childcare services. More especially, the documents that are submitted are verified to ensure that they match the owner. Some cases are even taken to law courts to ensure that justice is done to both parties and the organization. Maintaining such policies is challenging because some customers are not verified well because of the high number of applications received. A few of the applications will be noted, but we will increase the number of employees at the human resource section to ensure that the work is delivered well. In the coming financial year, we expect a lot of positive changes in the organization’s performance. The firm will need more amendments to our policies be they start, which the organization expects to work well with childcare service.


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