Celebrities, Advertising Themselves

As far as we know, mass media intrusion into our everyday life seems to be of crucial effect, and we are more inclined to think that it fetches a sort of moral self-destruction. We take for granted when celebrities show their naked bodies through the glossy cover of a fashion journal; we look at every possible nude photo of a celebrity thinking that there must be something extraordinary in his or her body.

In this work, I should analyze two quotations on the topic and figure out the main reasons for such phenomenon as advertising by the celebrities their naked bodies and sex tapes.

First, let us consider the saying “The more people say or gossip about you, the more affairs you do” as negative in the context of some kind of mess that people can make:

Celebrities can point us in the direction of good. Over the years, UNICEF had enlisted many of them to be ambassadors, traveling the world to highlight the plight of children working in sweatshops in India or battling Aids in sub-Saharan Africa. AND celebrities can also show us how things go badly when seemingly blessed with gifts beyond measure, they squander those gifts in the most public way. Celebrities make us laugh, they make us angry, they make us humble, and they make us feel superior. But above all, celebrities give us a few minutes of fun during the day, or a moment of empathy or, sadly, a reason to pause and give thanks that our own lives are less demanding, less complicated, less tragic. ( Newspaper article; The Daily Mail (London, England), December 13, 2007.)

Indeed, celebrities as strong men of this world should give us examples of how to be successful in everything. A man talented in something is talented in everything. Being public figures, they show us a perfect wealthy life. Sometimes it may seem that they lack some more in their lives, perhaps, new images, new impressions, new fans, and new inspiration. Before dreaming of an actress career think, is it so necessary for you? Do you mind that there will be some difficulties with your private life or you just want to have fun or “ask for more”, as Pepsi advertises? Have you ever heard of the constant shown intimate sphere of celebrity life? Blessed are those who with a sigh of relief can rejoice at their quiet life. They never confront the constant attempts to distort their proper pride. I mean the shown-up celebrities whose naked appearance provokes talking scandal within society and their own families. That is why, as I see, there are a few bit successful marriages in Hollywood.

The other passage gives special emphasis on the effect of celebrities’ scandal affairs:

The re-emergence of sexist imagery into the cultural mainstream, especially via the covers of the new men’s magazines, and the reassertion of sexist masculinities, as best exemplified by the magazine Loaded, provide a context for lad television – Men Behaving Badly, Fantasy League Football and They Think It’s All Over are all part of the process whereby this reactive laddism has moved into the mainstream. (No Stealing, Please Newspaper article; The Washington Times, June 25, 2003, 198)

There is a great deal of talking about. To my mind, public availability of journals, newspapers, and TV shows on sexual subjects, unless speaking of pornography, causes great harm to present generations of youngsters. Dealing with show business people are involved in large amounts of money. This greed coupled with a desire to enslave rather more people for the sake of a man’s (producer, director, editor, etc.) worthless interests makes up the creed of this industry. That is why celebrities and their closest surrounding will never stop until being satisfied. The only thing is that we spoil our children with such stuff and for us, it is time to awake and start acting forcefully to prevent our future from immorality and preserve children from the obscenity of celebrities on screens and covers. On the one hand, we should shame their role of participating in these arrangements, because still there is no effective way of their deterrence throughout masses. On the other hand, it is their life to feel free in such measures. We can endlessly criticize them without realizing that in a free and democratic society every human being deserves to choose their understanding and way of life.

Nevertheless, I do insist upon less survey of celebrities’ private life in nude scenes. Let them be worth they are talked about and have self-dignity because empty populism is not the only way to earn a great amount of money with your body. I would rather say that it is a disgraceful one. Having a sexy body one should remember that he may, unfortunately, have an ugly soul, full of filth and deformity on the whole. Make a creditable showing. Stay on the moral principles of life and soon you are sure to be lucky and happy whatever happens.

At last, I would like to represent some thoughts on this issue through Garry Whannel’s outlook:

The tabloidization of the press has fostered an erosion of a clear distinction between public and private domains, leaving celebrities more vulnerable to the exposure of their ‘private lives. Tabloidization and the pressure for success have encouraged a culture of surveillance in which miscreants are punished by publicity, and subjected to the disciplined control of their occupation. ( Media Sports Stars: Masculinities and Moralities Book by Garry Whannel; Rout ledge, 2002 145)

At long last, it is better to remember, that your development as a highly motivated self-esteemed person should lie not in the field of scandals, gossips, and amorality, but in those steps of yours that leave only good references behind you. As wise people say: “The world is your oyster, just crack it!”

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