Benefits of Part Time Employment

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Part time jobs are advantageous to students and society as they lead to better time management and improved academic performance besides bringing in the extra earnings. In addition to this, it prepares students for their eventual full employment after school.

Part time employment earns a person extra money

Allows financial independence

Part time employment is an additional source of income. With the current economic hardship affecting everyone, it is important for one to seek an alternative source of income to supplement what is provided as pocket money or allowance from our parents. This sort of financial independence allows one more freedom on how to spend money as you don’t have to account for how you spend it. In addition to this, it enables one to accomplish some of the projects that would have stalled either due to lack of money. This could be something like replacing your bike for a new or better one or even treating your friends and loved ones with gifts. Money obtained otherwise from parents has to be accounted for and more often than not, it is not enough, but with earned money from a part time employment, there is more financial flexibility. For instance I used money earned from my part time job to buy my younger brother a beautiful skate board on his birthday. He was very happy about it and keeps on thanking me every now and then. This I could not have definitely afforded had I not been part time employed.

Part time employment increases one’ general productivity

Improves academic performance

Part time employment increases one’s general productivity. I find that being on part time employment has increased my output in all areas of life. I have been able to accomplish more personally within a single day than I thought possible. Not just in terms of what I can afford, but my general contribution to the society and my well being. Before I took part time employment, I would spend all my spare time playing computer games at home or just watching TV. This happened every day after school and during weekends. My parents were worried that I was spending so much time lazing around without even getting involved in the common domestic chores. At times I even entirely forgot about my homework. This resulted into many quarrels though I usually thought it was just my parents who were in the wrong. At school also, I was ever borrowing a friend’s homework to copy to present as my own. Times changed and I was soon denied some of the monetary benefits that all along I had presumed were supposed to be automatically granted. As such, I had to think twice and that is why I ended up in part time employment. As a result, I have learned how to manage my time well and earn money as well.

Part time employment induces hard work

Better personality and character. Improves academic performance

Part time employment spars one to work harder. With my part time job, I have come to appreciate more the value of hard work. Hard work is encouraged both in school and at work and is readily awarded. Through this, my academic performance has improved overall. Many students fear that part time jobs will impact negatively on their academics which is not always the case. This is because I have a tighter schedule with little time to waste. As such, I always allocate time for each activity and try my best to stick with that. Before then, I had always figured that I had a lot of free time to split between TV and academics. Unfortunately, the splitting never really took place.

Part time employment increases employee marketability

Earns one valuable work experience

Part time employment increases marketability in the job market. Past work experience is quickly becoming a major requirement by employers either public or even private. They have realized that work place environment and the little, otherwise insignificant, aspects of the workplace have a very important role to play in determining the productivity of an employee, his attitude towards work and management which impact on the performance of the whole organization and hence past experience in this is a bonus point to the employer and an advantage to the any person seeking employment over other jobseekers. At the workplace, I have learned how to work and relate with older citizens for the common good. In school and at home, respecting seniors on the basis of their superiority in age is given more weight while in the workplace superiority is not so much a matter of age but rather the job position. Therefore, one is introduced in to a different world early enough so that by the time of taking up of full time employment, one is fully psychologically equipped.

Part time employment prepares one for full time employment

Prepares one to the “outside world”

Part time employment prepares one for full time employment. Part time employment also offers one higher opportunities of full time employment once you are through with schooling. This is possible due to the fact that the employer gets to know you early enough and may have the desire to have your services for longer in a full time employment. Therefore, a part time employment ion my view offers one an opportunity to market his or her skills to the job market. This way, less time is wasted in seeking fulltime or even additional part time employment as you are already familiar with the employer and so is he or her with you. In my case, I have been working part time with Costcutters Supermarket at the local outlet. During the long vacation, I needed some time to spend with grandpa who lives far away and I knew this would compromise my job. I explained my case to the management and fortunately, they had me transferred to a convenient branch that is near grandpa’s place to work over there during the vacation. With the end of the vacation, I returned to my position at the local Costcutters branch.

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With these are just being some of the advantages of being in part time employment, meaning that there are others shaped by a person’s lifestyle or even the place of work, the conventional belief that part time jobs do not auger well with academics do not hold. As such, it is my belief that I have demonstrated to you what you are set to gain by taking up part time employment besides schooling.


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