Aspects of Hospital Quality Initiative

The objective of the Hospital Quality Initiative is to improve the healthcare quality offered in hospitals and compute data about hospital performance. This gives consumers more confidence to discuss and come up with the best ideas for improving the care offered in hospitals. The CMS website has various tools used to improve the quality of healthcare services provided in hospitals (“National Quality Strategy Alignment Toolkit,” 2017).

The tools include standards enforcement rules set by medical survey agencies. The CMS website has been giving information about hospital quality to consumers who compare the data on web-based catalogs. Moreover, CMS collaborates with partners to leverage community-based quality improvement knowledge and resources in organizations by rewarding superior quality performances.

National Quality Strategy is a nationwide effort to advance healthcare access across America. Hospital Quality Initiative and National Quality Strategy relate in several ways. National Quality Strategy aims to include better healthcare at lower costs (“Quality Initiatives – General Information,” 2019). This makes the objective of the Hospital Quality Initiative parallel and improves the affordability of healthcare services offered in hospitals. Lowering prices ensures that health care is accessible to the majority of the population. Health Information Technology is a National Quality Strategy lever in which a hospital may provide an electronic health record system that improves coordination and communication in hospitals.

The information displayed publicly on compare site can benefit a healthcare organization. Hospitals with a higher rating on the quality of care they offer can convince more people to seek care from them. The information can also benefit a hospital by informing the public of the services it provides. The measurement data can enable research on the cost of healthcare, quality of services, and outcome of treatment in hospitals. The Hospital Quality Initiative aligns with the principles taught in the ten commandments. The fifth commandment states that we should not kill (Exodus 20:13 KJV). Hospitals align well with the commandment since they save lives.


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