Asian Americans and Hispanics: Racism

The United States has become a home to many cultures and nations, Asian being one of those groups. The question of whether Asians are becoming assimilated and change to being American or “white” is raised. There are many who stay close to their roots but these are predominantly new immigrants. It is understandable because these people have just moved to a new country, where almost everything is unknown and so by having own culture and community it becomes easier to deal with the hardships. It is a form of mental and emotional support. There is also a difference between low, middle and high class immigrants who start their lives in the American culture. It is much easier for middle class immigrants, as they have the necessary finances and education to get somewhat of a head start, compared to those whose resources are low and so they are forced to live in ghetto areas. A stereotype that continues even today is that Asian people are good in sciences and engineering, technology. This view is predominant within both Asian and American communities. And so professions that involve technology are over-represented by the Asian people. An interesting fact is that when second and third-generation Asians are born into the American culture, they consider themselves American and not white.

This shows how they acknowledge the fact that they are of different descent and will never look like white people.

But in reality this is not the intention. Every person strives to accumulate wealth, get an education and be successful in life.

The fact that the Asian population has made great progress in this, makes them comparable to whites, considering their status in society. A person who was born and grew up in America thinks of themselves as an American but of Asian descent.

Hispanics are another group that has greatly spread all over the US. The fact that it is much closer and easier for them to get to American soil speaks for itself. Unfortunately they face a lot of discrimination due to the darker color of their skin. If a person of Hispanic background finds themselves in a predominantly white community, then they are considered “black” because of their skin tone. After the war between Mexico and the Americans who settled in Texas and close by regions, Hispanic people lost a large amount of their territory. Those Mexicans who stayed on the American territory were a large contribution to the spreading of Hispanic roots in the United States. Often there was a shortage of the working force and so immigrants were hired. Especially during WWII, there was a need for workers, but after their labor was used, they were sent out or deported. Today Hispanics make up a large group of the American people and illegal immigration also adds to the numbers. Many factors decide the fate of Hispanic Americans and most of them are negative.

The statistics show that they receive very low income and discrimination is very much existent. Many do not receive proper education, drop out or do not study at all. But at the same time there are many who have accomplished a lot in the corporate world, establishing the group as middle-class and well-educated. Very many make it their goal to learn and speak proper English, in the process attaining American values and beliefs. It is clear to see that there are still problems with the introduction, implementation and assimilation of people of different cultural backgrounds in the US. Even though discrimination has become unacceptable and frowned upon, there is no denying that it still exists, proving the need to constantly remind of its negativity and damaging effect on the people.

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