Animal Law Center: Marketing

Animal law is an area of general law that deals with animal rights and welfare. It is often compared with environmental law because both of them face similar challenges of providing security for wildlife. Animal Law Center is going to fill the need for animal care by ensuring that their rights are not violated and providing legal defense for those who need it.

Target Market

The marketing efforts of the Animal Law Center are aimed towards the welfare organizations and individual clients involved in animals’ protection. The research indicated that there is a broad range of animal protection organizations that often resort to animal lawyers for help and consultations. Thus, potential clients may include the following ones: In Defense of Animals (IDA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and others. Apart from these organizations, almost every family in the United States keeps a pet which also makes them the target market of our center. Another group we are focused on is a large number of vegetarians who often participate in various animal protection movements. These facts allow assuming that our target market is of very significant size.

Industry History

The first organization promoting animal law and protection was Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF). Since then, they have been using the law to protect animals’ interests and, more importantly, lives. By now, many state and civil associations have animal law committees or divisions in their structures. However, the number of separate agencies providing the legal protection of animals is still to be increased.

Proposed Services

Since animal lawyers usually work on various legal cases associated with animal abuse, we are going to provide a range of services that would help our clients to deal with cases involving animal cruelty, discrimination, pet shops negligence, veterinary malpractice, animal bite defense cases, and so on. We will work on (but will not be limited to) the following duties: conducting the necessary research for clients, arguing cases in court, providing consultations, suing organizations or individuals that are suspects in discrimination or malpractice cases.

Value Proposition and Additional Differentiation

Animal Law Center proposes the mentoring approach for each case. We are going to provide a separate lawyer for each client to ensure that all the requirements and expectations are entirely fulfilled and met. Our lawyers’ duties will include the fieldwork that will allow covering multiple states and increasing the field of activity. Additionally, we are planning to create an online platform aiming to draw the attention of the international audience and to provide them with 24/7 help.

Business Objectives Support

With the advent of social network sites and applications, all animal cruelty cases quickly enter the public domain, thus drawing the attention of concerned individuals, groups and organizations. As a result, animal lawyers receive plenty of claims and orders to protect the victims of abuse. Moreover, animal protection organizations regularly hire lawyers to help them in their mission. We believe that these trends may support our objective to enter the market of legal protection for animals.

Financial Matter

Market research shows that the animal lawyer’s average salary varies from $55,000 to $170,000 depending on the experience and location. We believe that our center will be a successful project due to the increasing demand for animal protection. Considering that we count upon a large audience, it seems possible to get a significant income.

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