Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

Alpha Phi Alpha Background

The Alpha phi Alpha fraternity was structured by seven students at Cornell University who were undergraduates on fourth December in the year 1906. This was the initial fraternity that was intercollegiate among men who were African American. The motto of the fraternity was “First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All”. The symbol of the organization was the “Great Sphinx”. The fraternity had a dedication to offer protection to the rights of African Americans together with offering promotion of their responsibilities. Those who established the organization made an effort to bring about the combination of the social action together with the social purpose to enable it go beyond just being a social organization. All through the history of the fraternity, it has offered promotion of achievement and knowledge (Harris 3).

Reasons for joining the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity

By joining the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity as a male student, from that point on, there would be enjoying participating in the encouraging manly deeds, scholarships, enjoy the company of the like minded men who would look for and be of value of admission to such a well-known relationship of brotherhood as well as love for all mankind through each other. In the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, there is sharing of ideas that are common, the feeling that the fraternity is a brotherhood and a place where one can always feel at home not considering the environment surrounding the person.

Through becoming the member of the fraternity, there will be ensuring of the living on of the legacy of the founders in which there is understanding that in the first place, as being the servants of all the people, there shall be rising above all people and there shall be keeping of this idea and feeling it close to the heart, giving guidance to the hearts, taking control of own lives in order to become servants of all the people through God. The Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity has always held the devotion to excellence in academics, upright character, humanity, and aiding in correcting social injustices encountered by the minority groups within the United States of America.

The teacher would inspire the student to join the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity; being the member of the fraternity himself, through teaching the young people that some day they could be some people who could be recognized. This turned out to be quite effective especially putting in to consideration that some esteemed members of the same fraternity have come through the ranks of the fraternity.

Police officer mentoring students

A police officer should promote a positive perception of the authority and the role the authority places in the society to the students. The police officers are supposed to be stationed in various schools. As a mentor, a police officer is supposed to play a major role in educating the students, the parents, and the administration of the school in which he or she is stationed. The officer should educate the students on how to carry out leadership and how the students are supposed to make the right choices in their lives.

The police officer should give students, the parents together with the administration instructions pertaining drugs and drug abuse and detection in use of drugs. He or she should give advice to the students about the outcomes of engaging in the criminal activities. In order to maintain peace and safety in the learning institutions, the police are supposed to offer support to the teachers whenever there is the occurrence of confrontational situations. More so, the role of the police should be to give instructions concerning personal responsibility, law, and individual counseling to the students to enable them realize development of a self-image that is positive. This will enable the students to develop a positive attitude towards education and be encouraged to proceed to college from high school.

In order for the police to clear off the negative perception from the students and realize the above mentioned goals, the initial step is to establish relationships with the students that are trustworthy. He or she should meet the students in their fraternities and carry out a discussion about the purpose of particular programs to achieve insight from the students about how best to acquire the set goals in each environment that is one of its own kind. More so, the police should portray interest that is genuine in bringing about improvement in the community of the school. As a good mentor he or she should participate in after school programs and promote parental involvement as well through the PTAs. The police should engage in the events of the school like attending art shows and sports as spectators as well as supporters. More so, in order for the police to go on making himself popular among students, he or she should introduce himself or herself to the students during the start of the year assembly. The police should also look for mentorship from the safety Aids as these Aides have been able to bring about positive associations with the students (Farris-Berg 4).

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