Alcohol Consumption Effects

Alcoholic drinks are produced day after the other by the brewery companies. Many people and especially young ones consume these alcoholic drinks. Although these persons consume alcoholic drinks, they do not know their effects. According to Bly (10), alcohol is ethanol or ethyl alcohol. It is an ingredient that makes one drunk. It is found in wine, liquor, and beer and is produced by fermenting sugars, yeast and starches. Alcohol is a colorless liquid that has no smell. A certain type of alcohol is used to make different drinks that can cause a temporary change in ones behavior and thoughts. Alcohol is also used in manufacturing medicines, chemicals, among other uses. Some other types of alcohol are very poisonous (Bly 15).

Having understood what alcohol is, this paper discusses the effects of consumption of alcohol by people and more specifically by college students. Most researchers have shown that much alcohol consumption is among college students. According to Whitney (25), alcohol consumption among college students is increasing because of the following reasons. Firstly, the influence of peer groups and bad companies. The non-alcoholic drinking students are influenced by their fellow alcoholic drinking students. As a result, they become alcohol-consuming students. Other reasons include copying parents’ behaviors and idleness. Most children copy what their parents’ do which affects their behavior. Whitney (27), strongly believed that a child who is from alcohol-consuming home tends to be alcohol consumer.

Alcohol consumption by the college students makes them develop defiant behavior. Studies have shown that some of them become rioters and defiant of authorities in colleges. Others become rapists and robbers (Bly 20). Female students consuming alcohol become pregnant as some of them abort. The performance of the student in class becomes poor and losses interest in learning. The student stops participating in extra-curricular activities and the span of memory and attention reduces. At home, the student becomes uncontrollable. One breaks the family rules; losses interest in family activities and withdraw from responsibilities (Bly 23).

It is always important to understand the effects of alcohol consumption. According to William (12), alcohol consumption has negative effects on organs of human body. He strongly believes that alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system. It is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach and small intestines. Only small amounts of alcohol are metabolized in the liver at a time. As a result, excess amounts of alcohol are left which in turn circulate throughout the body.

The effect of alcohol in a persons body depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. It was concluded that alcohol is harmful to one’s health in many ways (William 15). Firstly, it impairs the normal brain functioning resulting in poor judgment, reduced time of reaction, and losing balance and motor skills or interfered speech. Cases of excessive alcohol consumption for a long time causing cancer, stroke, and liver, have been reported (William 20). To add to that, the developing fetus can be damaged when a pregnant woman consumes alcohol. Sadly, it has led to an increase in car accidents and other injuries. Lastly, one can fall into a coma and die after consuming alcohol rapidly and in large amounts (William 25).

The high rate of alcohol consumption among college students can be reduced by offering guidance and counseling services. Most of them consume it innocently hence on counseling can change. Another way is by taking addicted students to rehabilitation centers. Burning of alcohol consumption within the college premises can also be done. Punishing the misbehaving students due to alcohol consumption can be practiced. Parents can play a big role by being role models and involving the students in extra-curricular activities (Gregory 23).

In conclusion, most researchers have shown that alcohol consumption is harmful to a persons health. It is important to take measures in controlling alcohol consumption by all persons.

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