A Cooperation Between Jarir Bookstore and Mobily Telecoms

Today’s electronics market of Saudi Arabia faces tremendous growth since more and more people use mobile devices, laptops, and other related products. To meet this growing demand, Jarir Bookstore proposes the creation of a new product in cooperation with Mobily Telecoms. The purpose of creating a joint venture is to design an innovative product that would promote learning and business activities through convenient reading and access to the Internet.

Compared to the existing competitors, including Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, the proposed product would have a strong advantage of innovation and in-depth awareness of the local market. The focus on audition would allow creating more jobs for the local population. Among the distinguishing product features, there are and a range of reading options, a touchscreen interface, and an integrated camera for calls. The target audiences are business persons, students, and people preferring comfortable reading. Considering that Saudi Arabia’s market already offers smartphones of the competitors, there is a need to launch an innovative product to exceed the expectations of customers.

The future growth of the electronics market is anticipated in Saudi Arabia, which means that the joint venture between Jarir Bookstore and Mobily Telecoms is a promising idea. Within three years after the launch of the proposed product, it is expected to sell 2000 devices monthly, which would provide $1,200,000 per year. To succeed with this project, it is essential to properly research the local market, identify the milestones of product development and manufacturing, as well as setting achievable deadlines.

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